June 30, 1900, a group of Scandinavians appeared before Otto S. Haug, Town Clerk of Foldahl township in Marshall County. They signed the Articles of Incorporation which brought into existence the Marshall County Skandinaviske Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

 A.S. Rokke and Armund Johnson first discussed the idea for forming such an insurance company when they met at the corner of a road known as the Great Eastern, near where the McCrea Lutheran Church was located.

Settlers in the territory were mostly of Scandinavian descent. The minutes of the meetings and also the policies were written in Norwegian. In 1908, it was discussed if other property owners of other nationalities could be insured. It was not until 1930 that the by-laws were amended so that all property owners in the territory covered, were permitted to be insured with the Company.

In 1910, the State Laws required that the policies should be in English. The first minutes written in English were at the annual meeting, January 14, 1919.

The first policy issued was to Anne T. Braaten of Foldahl township on October 27, 1900.

The first annual meeting was held in the schoolhouse in Section 8 in NewFolden township. The officers elected at this meeting were: O.L. Skonovd – President; O.P. Dyrud – Secretary; and Armund Johnson – Treasurer. The first annual meetings were held in this schoolhouse. Other meetings were held at the Newfolden School until 1963 when they moved to the Village Hall in Newfolden. They were held there until the new Newfolden Community Center was built.

In 1958, the name of the Company was changed to read the Marshall County Mutual Insurance Company.

When the former Peoples State Bank closed, the Company purchased it. They rented it out to the U.S. Post Office until 1934 when the Company began using it. In May 1978, the Company bought lots across the street where the former Post Office and the Amundson and Lee Store were. A new office building was built in 1979. On March 12, 1980, the first meeting was held in the new office.

In the year 2000, Marshall County Mutual Insurance Company celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.

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