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Open M-T: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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We are a mutual insurance company serving northern Minnesota. We have been providing insurance to many homes and farms since 1900. We strive to provide exceptional service to our policyholders and agencies. We thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to provide your insurance needs.

We welcome all of you to join our Company. We have very competitive rates and have many experienced Agents that write for us. You may contact one by checking the Agent locator.



Being a member of our Company does provide rewards. We give top notch service in policy service and claims. You have the opportunity to be heard. We have an Annual Meeting of the Company each year and being a member of our Company you may become more involved by having the opportunity of choosing or being a Directors of the Company.


Why insure with your local township mutual insurance Company?

PROTECTION - A broad, easy to read, modern policy customized to meet the needs of the policyholders.

SERVICE - You are NOT dealing with a large company located hundreds or thousands of miles away. You are dealing with neighbors and friends who want to help you with fast service and fair claims handling.

LOCAL – We employ area people. Reserve funds are invested in local banks. We pay taxes in our area and support local charities.

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